STRING: Search for Tandem Repeats IN Genomes

The algorithm is described in the paper:

V. Parisi, V. De Fonzo, F. Aluffi-Pentini.

STRING: finding tandem repeats in DNA sequences.

Bioinformatics, Vol. 19 no. 14, 2003, Pages 1733-1738.

Supplementary material for the above paper:
figure1 from an autoalignment (phase 1) to an alignment (phase 2)
figure2 flow-chart of the algorithm
tables results


Academic version of the algorithm

(it can be freely used, but please reference the above paper)

Sources downloads:

Example of use (mRNA for huntingtin):
Interactive use:

About Dynamical Genetics      

V. De Fonzo, E. Bersani, F. Aluffi-Pentini, V. Parisi

A new look at the challenging world of tandem repeats.

Medical Hypotheses,Vol: 54, Issue: 5 , May, 2000.


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